Saturday, July 27, 2013

Breanna is pregnant! :)

A while ago I took some photos of Kaleb! CUTEST BOY! Well I was excited when his momma asked me to take more photos of the whole family. BUT THEN she added "and a few pregnancy announcement photos" I was over the moon excited! I got to finally meet everyone and they are such a great family (like really, can you adopt me?)!!!! I can't wait to see this family again! :)

Julie and Matt Maternity Session Natomas Oak Park

Julie came to me needing photos ASAP, she was pretty close to her due date. Julie and Matt are just the sweetest couple and a pleasure to be around. They were so funny it was hard not to laugh the entire time. Julie was great about getting up and down, we only took a few little breaks. Hey, it's hard being at the end of your pregnancy! She was awesome!!! 

Wydick Family Reunion at UC Davis Arboretum

This family oozed loved and laughter. They were so fun to be around. We went to the UC Davis Arboretum to take these photos. this was my first time being at this side of this location and it was simply gorgeous. 

Tammy and John Maternity Session at Phoenix Park

If you remember not that long ago I photographed Tammy and John at the baby gender reveal. It was such a wonderful experience and the excitement from them and their family was amazing! Well, they are back! This time we went to Phoenix Park in Fair Oaks! We did a 3rd trimester session the other evening...and...OH MY GOODNESS! Lighting was amazing and they were amazing and the session went amazing. I love working with these two! They crack me up and keep me on my toes. Tammy was such a trooper getting up and down and John was such a huge help to her and I! I can't wait till the next time I see them because when I do it will be in the delivery room! 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Maternity session with Megan at UC Davis Arboretum

If you recall Megan came to me in February to have photos done to announce she is pregnant. Well she is back! I was so very excited to do a maternity session with her and could't wait to get to "work". She is due in October and has the most amazingly beautiful baby belly. (BTW I love love love baby belly!! gaahhhhhhhh so cute) Although it seemed like everything was against us taking these photos and we had a few hiccups before we actually got to it, we got some really great shoots in! We went to the UC Davis Arboretum for her session, both not knowing exactly what to expect since neither of us had ever been there before. Boy am I glad we went and took the chance! After all the hiccups the lighting had gotten pretty dark but we made it work! Next time we have to convince her husband to jump in the photos as well! :) Can't wait for our next session!