Friday, September 20, 2013

Baby Jack!

If you have been following my work you may recognize this ADORABLE little boy. This is Jack. I have photographed his mother a few times, his birth and now his newborn photos! 

Here are Tamara's pervious sessions:

So this sweet boy may or may not have given me a run for my money. Our first attempt at our session did go so smooth. Poor guy was fussy and uncomfortable the whole time, we tried for a few hours and decided...ok lets reschedule. So I came back 1 week later and OH MY GOODNESS! He was perfect, perfect, perfect! I even got a few smiles!!! SO needless to say, he kind of melted my heart. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Galloway Girls!

Ok so this session is one that is special to me. I met Kathleen while pregnant, searching craigslist for a photographer to capture the birth of my daughter. I came across her photography and feel in love with her work. Since then she has photographed my family. He work inspired me to really go for my passion and my dream of photography. I asked if she would mentor me, expecting her to decline, I got a YES! Oh boy did she really help start something (obviously).  So when she asked me to take photos of her and her girls I was ecstatic! and nervous. She has since become a dear friend and I still can't thank her enough for all her help!

Her girls are stunning and she is perfectly gorgeous. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Liz and Eric's Maternity Session

Liz contacted me a while about about doing a maternity session but ended up backing out because her husband was away for training, as he is in the Marine Corps. Once he came home we booked our session! Liz and Eric are expecting their first child and I am positive that will be one GORGEOUS baby! 

Also, like a true man, Eric went nuts over this GIANT spider I almost walked into. I nearly gave me a heart attack but was pretty cool once I stopped and looked at it. But needless to say, once I saw it...we moved away from it...far far far away!  

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Katherine and Diana's Mommy and Me session at Gibson Ranch

I love mommy and me sessions! The love between a mother and child is the greatest love of all. And these two are a perfect example of pure love. 

Bolton Family Session

The Bolton family is simply one of pure cuteness and love! We did our session at a very particularly special location...this family LOVES to go fishing and this creek is where their youngest boy, Gavin caught his first fish!! How cute is that!? So of course, we went down and they wanted to fish. These little boys are utterly perfectly handsome! 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Alice's Maternity Session

Everyone, this is Alice. Alice kind of is my hero. Why you ask, well ok let me explain. 

Before meeting Alice I knew nothing about her, she was a new client wanting a maternity session and a birth session when the time comes. So OF COURSE I said yes, we all know how much I love baby belly and newborns! Our session started out a little...slow. haha! Pregnancy brain and a tired body took over and miss Alice slept through her alarms for our morning session! It was kind of cute actually. I remember being there not to long ago so I totally relate! 

Along our session, after talking extensively (most because i gab a lot!) I learned a little more about Alice and her story. She is a breast cancer survivor and a patients rights activist who is the founder of Fertile Action, a non-profit for fertile women touched by cancer. She is also the founder of My Vision, Inc., a consumer products company that is also home to the My Vision PhotoTherapy Program for breast cancer patients to help women transition through the many challenging phases of breast cancer treatment.

Within weeks of her own breast cancer diagnosis, Alice harvested her eggs to protect her opportunity to become a mom after surviving cancer, had a nude photography session, launched Fertile Action and published her first book, Too Young for This. Her processing choices of a cancer diagnosis at 31-years-old are chronicled in her book and hailed by others as a must read for loved ones of those touched by cancer. She is also a regular columnist on the Huffington Post and travels the country as a fertility preservation spokeswoman for the California Cryobank, educating others on fertility preservation.

Alice was appointed a member of the prestigious Advisory Council for Young Women and Breast Cancer, named by Lifetime Networks “Remarkable Woman – Unsung Hero” of October 2009, was awarded a Courage Award from Assembly member Ted Lieu, named Fabulous Female of Los Angeles 2009, and has been featured on The Today Show in three countries, Nightline, The Doctors, numerous print and online publications and Women’s Health magazine.

I am very happy and excited to say she will be having a healthy baby boy any day now (she was due October 4th). I can not wait to be there for the birth of her little miracle. 

If you want to read some more about her personal story, you can visit:

btw, how incredibly gorgeous is she!! She defiantly has the pregnancy glow!