Thursday, September 12, 2013

Vanessa's Maternity session @ Lake Natoma, Folsom CA

This gorgeous mama contacted me about doing her maternity photos, but she had said she wanted something a bit different, not like most maternity photos she has seen. She wanted to still feel sexy and be near water. So after thinking it over, AH-HA! Lake Natoma, Rainbow bridge! And instead of being near water we will be IN water! Now first of all, where we started our session was kind of an adventure to get to and I have lots of mini heart attacked with a very pregnant Vanessa climbing over rocks like it was nothing. (it's ok, I got her back when she had a few mini heart attacks when I got chest deep in water with my camera) But she was amazing and we got some beautiful shots!

If you can believe it, Vanessa is having her FIFTH (yes, 5th) baby! She looks just simply gorgeous!