Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Birth of baby Deegan!!!

Ok if you have been following my work I have been photographing Megan for  a while. From her pregnancy announcement to birth of baby Deegan! 

Previous sessions can be seen here:

I had been patiently waiting all day to get updates fromMegan who was induced on the 29th....I FINALLY told her, ok call me if anything happens, I am headed to bed before the show gets going. But of course I was anxious and excited so sleep wasn't coming very easily. I was finally slipping into dreamland when Megan texts me that they broke her water and was at a 2, 3 but doc said it could be super fast. Here I am thinking, ok sweet, I can still get a few hours of shut eye before I am called to go. WEEELLLLL not long after she said she was at a 4.5, maybe a 5. So, ok ok, I got out of bed slowly got dressed and headed out the door. Normally I wouldn't leave that soon, but I wanted coffee, a snack, and to stop to get a red bull or 2 if I needed since there is no telling how long you can be at a birth. I go get my coffee, but something told me....just go to the hospital. So I did. BOY AM I GLAD! I got there and they had already called the doc to come and get Mr. Deegan out! I was there for maybe 30 mins before the pushing actually began. Only, in Megan's case...push. Yes, 1...MAYBE 1 1/2..... My camera time stamps indicated it was 1 minute 25 seconds from breath in and baby on chest. NUTS! TOTALLY AWESOMELY NUTS! Like, amazing! (can you tell I am still excited about that?) 

So out comes this perfect little man with his perfectly round head and just as hungry as could be! He is just the sweetest little guy! So enough of my nonsense are her amazing birth photos.